Pluto : Social and Political Upheaval, Sexuality and the Taboo, Power and Evolution 1980s – Present

       Jupiter and Pluto squared each other a few weeks ago and we are now living in its aftermath. In honor of this relationship and in the effort of getting a broader picture of the time we are living in, I would like to talk about the extreme power of Pluto as social upheaval and evolutionary change over the last several decades. Through the unearthing of taboos, the crushing of unhealthy power dynamics, as well as the acceptance of sexuality, Pluto has proven itself a formidable enemy against repression and a proponent of deep – though ugly – revolutionary, collective change. As a heads up, I will mostly be focusing on American politics and culture. Similar dynamics may have been seen around the world but as I can only speak about what I know, this will be my point of vision. Through understanding Pluto, we understand crisis. Just as with the Tower in Tarot, sometimes it takes getting completely pulled from our roots, lit on fire, thrown overboard and getting swept up by a tornado to cause our consciousness to be lifted to the next level. This is what Pluto has shown us throughout time. It is not the easiest. It is messy and frightening – Pluto is death, after all – but ultimately it is transformation. Here we see the AIDS crisis of the 80’s and 90’s ushering in the end of the extreme ignorance of homosexuality (Pluto in Scorpio: 1983-1995). We see 9/11 and the ongoing wars in the Middle East in the early 00’s that, along with the internet, ushered in an expansive and wider understanding and spread of information that there can be more than a corporatized, dishonest government (Pluto in Sagittarius: 1995-2008). We see now catastrophic environmental changes, an ongoing understanding that the US government cannot be trusted in the caring of its people, and a slow, crippling death of conservatism and the power paradigms as we’ve known them (Pluto in Capricorn: 2008-2024). Pluto is built to delve as deeply as possible, unearth for good or for ill, purge and purge and purge, and leave the surface as it’s never been before: free and empowered with information and actualization of itself.

      Pluto is what is called a generational planet. Along with Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter, it is known to effect people on a mass level and is descriptive of an entire mood of a generation. In an individual’s birth chart it can be described in the most simplistic terms as the place where our power lies. It is the place where we will learn about power dynamics, struggles, trauma and where we hold influence. In a mass group of people we can see how each Pluto placement held sway. In Leo, the generation that spread its wings during the 60’s – creativity, rock and roll, free love, hippies, drug culture all ruled en masse. In Virgo – the generation that came of age preaching health, service, criticism of societal structure and exuding an angelic-like spirit – but as we saw this generation play out in their heyday, cocaine and heroin ruled and killed effortlessly as never before. In Libra, maybe the most innocuous Pluto, these people found their power within the group dynamic, in partnerships. Divorce, materialism, and social justice became prominent as these people came of age. In Scorpio, the biggest giveaway is social media, where Scorpionic obsession can thrive but keep its distance and secrecy at the same time. Through the screen, these people can express extreme intimacy, power expression and connection while not having to make themselves too vulnerable in the flesh (a difficulty for Scorpio, as Scorpio can only relate through deep intensity). At the same time, information travels at lightning speed, and as social media has shown us, the Scorpion power of the group holds reign. Penetrating to the depths is the Scorpion modus operandi and what Scorpio doesn’t like and sees as false it is driven to destroy to make room for what is genuine. Pluto rules Scorpio, it is in its natural habitat there, which allows this generation the ability to use these powers to destroy or to create. It is said the Scorpio in Pluto generation has the power to change the entire fabric of society as we know it. If we look at the power social media has gained (Pluto rules mass media) we can see that indeed, this group of people has brought monumental shifts through the power of their collective expression. As far as the Sagittarius in Pluto generation, they are still coming of age, but I believe it will have everything to do with free thought and higher mindedness – these people will have the opportunity to blast open the mind of our collective and take us to new levels of understanding.

       Pluto went through Scorpio from late 1983 to 1995. During this time we saw many things happen in the political arena, but what continues to stand out as one of the most descriptive American crises of this time was the AIDS crisis. Due to intense homophobia and denial of homosexuality, millions of people lost their lives. Both Pluto and Scorpio (here in its natural placement) rule sex, death, taboos – the unearthing of which causes transformation. AIDS has primarily affected the gay community [there is a large number of people who believe and have dedicated time to prove that AIDS was a product of Eugenics, a bioengineering experiment unleashed specifically towards the black gay community. This article is not about that, but it’s worth being noted for the curious] and until these people started dying in droves and took a few beloved public figures along (Rock Hudson, Freddie Mercury), our government was in complete denial of its existence – because it meant they would then have to acknowledge homosexuality on a mass scale. Not only would they have to accept that it was real, but that the people who identified as such would then have to be cared for. But as Pluto would have it, denial is explosive, and what is repressed, oppressed and suppressed is one hundred percent combustible. As I said, Pluto’s actions can be absolutely terrifying – deadly – but it must shatter power dynamics and unearth truth. It is its way. It took something as mammoth as AIDS to bring homosexuality out into the open, which subsequently and eventually led millions of people to be able to live their lives freely, out of hiding. This time was a truly horrific moment, but again, Pluto lives in repression and will explode in order to evolve. That is the action it takes on humanity.

        Pluto was in Sagittarius from 1995 to 2008. Sagittarius is the wild horse of the zodiac; it rules universal truth, higher learning, international relations, religion and expansive thought. Paired with the taboo sexuality and violence of Pluto we saw a President impeached because he seduced his 22-year-old intern, the unearthing of child molestation in the Catholic church, the immigration controversy of Elian Gonzalez, we saw quite a few buildings go down in flames due to the negligence of our government and we entered an international war on strange and collusive pretenses. In addition, through that actual hellfire of Sagittarius rose voices of dissent in our media that unlike before, started being taken more seriously. Granted, just like homosexuality, voices of dissent have always been present, but the action of Pluto took those voices from something taboo and denigrated to “conspiracy theories” into common knowledge on a mass level. Documentaries like Fahrenheit 9/11, Bowling For Columbine, Super Size Me and The Zeitgeist gained traction and introduced to the American people and the world proof that the actions and policies of our government are based on greed and corruption. Here Pluto’s action was to destroy the power paradigm through knowledge. In terms of sexuality, the impeachment of Bill Clinton, the exposing of child molestation in the Catholic church, and even the pop reign of Britney Spears (it was explosive and we all know it, there has not been a celebrity more dually hated and revered in our time than this human during this time period) all brought us to face uncomfortable truths that no one wanted to look at but needed to be seen, mostly in terms of innocence lost. Power and sexuality go hand-in-hand – a President taking advantage of his, priests and clergy proving hypocrisy in their most holy guise, and the proof of the extreme power and existence of underage female sexuality (along with the Spice Girls, Britney Spears helped an entire generation of girls out of slut shaming and unhealthy and imbalanced sexual paradigms). By the tail end of Pluto in Sagittarius’ reign our society was ready (mind-expanded enough) to inaugurate a black president for the first time.

        This brings us to Pluto in Capricorn, where we’ve been since late 2008 and will continue to be until 2024. Capricorn rules tradition, the conservative, societal structures, karma, hard lessons and wisdom learned from these lessons. Capricorn is also an earth sign, the mountain goat thriving off of the earth’s bounty. As we’ve seen, one of the main issues that has come up since Pluto entered this rooted placement is climate change. If that doesn’t encompass the definition of Karma, I’m not sure what does. During this time we will have no choice but to face the hard lessons that come along with the choices we make as a nation and world in terms of how we treat our environment and, as a mirror, ourselves as humans. Hurricanes, tsunamis, flooding, droughts, fires, etc. will become more frequent and more powerful. We are seeing our water becoming more and more polluted with chemicals, plastic and oil. Our air is becoming more polluted, our earth is becoming desolate. Capricornian Pluto will do nothing but ensure that we learn our lessons from the practices that harm our home and will teach us that we must take care of where we live in order to thrive. Furthermore, Capricorn ruling structure and the political paradigm in and of itself, we are seeing it crash. Social media has given voice to the disenfranchised and everyone is listening. Although it is painful, again, it comes in tandem with Capricorn’s hard lessons. Pluto in Capricorn promises more than anything to change our structure more than we’ve ever seen before. It will topple tradition in every sense and eventually leave us open to the chaos and community-ruled power of Pluto in Aquarius.

          Pluto in Aquarius, which will premiere itself in 2023, retrograde back to Capricorn, and come back full force in 2024, will be a true test on humanity. I cannot say what will happen, but as Aquarius rules chaos, community, the higher mind, eccentricity, genius and insanity, I can only say that it will give opportunity for an entirely new and highly evolved way of living. Since Pluto comes with that destructive element, we could see a battle of ideologies between different social groups. Aquarius is the ultimate humanist and will not accept anything but equality so this could be a final chapter in class, racial, sexual and gender warfare depending on how far Capricorn can take us. No matter what, we know there will be upheaval, possibly acknowledgement of our psychic, evolutionary capabilities as well, though that may have to be saved for Pluto in Pisces for it to really be brought out into the mainstream. I, with no doubt, see Pluto in Pisces as a time when mainstream society will be able (or forced through Plutonic catastrophe) to finally acknowledge humanity’s latent extrasensory abilities. As Astrology is becoming even more widespread here with Pluto in Capricorn, we’ll see the mystical arts and our evolutionary gifts be more embraced as time goes on. What an amazing thing it could be to embrace the full magnitude of the human mind and vessel. Maybe that is the true power Pluto wants us to evolve into: an acceptance of the full experience of being on this planet. I guess we’ll find out what happens, but in the meantime, the current actions of Pluto and the turmoil of this world can hopefully have a little more explanation to them.


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, Waning Moon

This full moon eclipse is one of Ascension, there’s really no other way to put it. The tools by which you will get there will be through the people you surround yourself with who will act as the mirrors by which you can choose to receive or not to receive! The dance will be much easier in a state of surrender and reception though.

         Leo has taught us about the playful, creative sides of where we’re at. The side that says “look at me, look at me!” with warm fuzzy feelings and pride. Aquarius has come along to look at you, into your eyes and invites you to look back into them deep enough to see your own staring back at you. As they say, the eyes are a window to the soul, don’t be afraid to look into it.

         Here, the strong individualism of Leo meets radical integration and community in Aquarius, the body that teaches us that we are all here creating this world together (often the lesson Aquarius must learn or already embodies and teaches even unwittingly). Here in the Aquarian Age (yes, we’ve arrived, congrats), this is the lesson we are learning most of all: We are all co-creators. Within that is only chaos and different vantage points that must fall where they may naturally to provide a sense of fleeting order until chaos comes again and makes a way for new order and so on and so forth. There is order within chaos and vice versa is what I’m trying to say, and Aquarius is the living breathing organism that uses that ebb and flow to provide new levels of consciousness to each and all. Take it or don’t, Aquarius won’t make you do anything. You are only left with your own devices and your own choices to come back to. Don’t take yourself too personally, detachment is a promise on the way to meet the Wizard of your own mind. Follow the yellow brick rainbow and enjoy the companions you meet along the way. They are showing yourself to you and you to them.

         Aquarius rules tribes, the internet, eccentricity, radicalism, community, technology, telepathy, telekinesis. It tempers the Leo passion and uses it to focus on something bigger than itself. An ode to humanity just because it wants to see harmony. Cus harmony’s nice and it really couldn’t hurt for us all just to enjoy life right? What may seem radical, or different or weird could be a witnessing of some shackles breaking, or maybe the genius unveiling a bizarre seeming way of getting to the next level of who knows what. But it’s happening so you might as well just accept it and see what it can show you.

        Go out and be with people who you care about and who care about you. It’s infinite what we can show each other.


The Lunar eclipse enhances all of this, it is a strange energy, a magnetic force that will pull from you the complexes that have kept you from truly connecting with others and your community in the past. It is literally like a hoover and will get more intense as the waning moon comes in order to prepare us for the gigantic energy of the Solar eclipse on the 21st, where we will have the opportunity to feel completely replenished in our source/essence of self, creativity, and sexuality. Very exciting time, enjoy yourself ≈

****PS The upcoming Pluto piece is still forming. Pluto as a rule takes its time while it gurgles in the depths and erupts without warning so sometimes all you can do is give it up to divine timing. Unlike Aquarius/Uranus which is lightning and comes in a flash and leaves just as quick (as an example, it took me 20 mins to write this piece with Aquarius in mind having absolutely no idea of what it would be beforehand).

New and Waxing Phases of the Leo Moon Cycle, Jupiter square Pluto

Welcome to Leo where drama is high and matters of the heart are of prime importance. This Leo season we’ll have ample opportunity to explore our own inner authority based on our intuition and heart center. We’ll be able to manifest creative endeavors more easily or just start manifesting the ways in which we want to live our lives. Intuition will be heightened and our aptitude for romance enhanced.

           Leo, as we know, is the Lion, the king of the jungle. If you’ve ever seen a lion with its pride then you know they are cuddly, caring creatures with great affection who can act in the exact opposite of ways when threatened. This comes from a place of protection more than anything else as the lion seeks to protect its heart or anything living in or close to its heart. Here we see in clarity the authority of the Leo. There are other signs associated with authority. There is Capricorn authority which acts as the taskmaster, upholding tradition or making sure discipline reigns – Capricorns, when in their element, are the hardest of workers, building mountains  and becoming the best at whatever they do through sheer unending practice. There is Aries authority.. which isn’t really authority, Aries is more about dominance – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Aries follows their own will and truth, they are spurred by anger and will attack when roused. Leo is similar but there are differences. The Leo will forever be ruled by its heart, it is what the lion follows, it is what the lion believes, it is what gives the lion strength and valor, it is how the lion became king.

           Astrologers often don’t mention how intuitive fire signs are – they are the most intuitive. Water signs may be emotional and very psychic, but these often act as impressions. Fire signs know things. Especially the Leo (whether they choose to follow and trust their intuition is a personal matter however). The Leo’s intuition lays right in their heart, and as the heart pretty much runs the show in what we call the human body it’s easy to see why Leos often get a similar reputation. And that is the Leo authority. It’s not about power for power’s sake (though damn they love a good ego stroke), it’s about staying true to their heart. Nothing is more powerful than that. When we see a person aligned in that form we feel it. When we are aligned in that form we feel strong. This is what the Leo moon cycle is about first and foremost, finding our inner authority through our heart, trusting our heart, following it and developing acute intuition in the process.

                  Creativity, fun, romance, mm so nice. Now’s the time for that!!! Creativity is fun, why not make it romantic? Romance is creative, why not make it fun? Fun is romantic, why not make it creative? A smooth, equal blending of the three is a challenge, but will actually make the challenge of each one on its own easier. Creativity, the energy of birthing life into form. This can be anything from creating a baby to a painting to our actual lives. Fun is something many don’t really allow themselves to have too often. Romance..also something that can be elusive and sometimes even uncomfortable for a lot of people. Leo demands all three though. All three together, at the same time, because in its heart it is what is true. It’s not too bad when the stars align and demand that you bring some fun, romance and creativity into your life. Stay open.


Let’s talk political for a minute!! It is very important to note that the square between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn has gotten tighter. As I mentioned in the last post, Pluto is about regeneration and transformation, Capricorn rules tradition, power structures, oppression, etc. Within its oppression is the journey towards freedom though.

      Understanding that Jupiter makes everything it touches gigantic and that it is in Libra, the sign of social justice, we are now seeing an extreme and growing friction between the people and the powers that reign. As pluto progresses through Capricorn these old paradigms are going to shift DRAMATICALLY. It is uncomfortable, it is enraging, it is heartbreaking and raw, but that’s what it’s supposed to be. Pluto is designed to destroy so that a new, better, and wiser version may rise from the destroyed’s ashes. And so shall it be or better.

I will be writing a fully comprehensive piece on Pluto and its powerful effect as social upheaval in the next week.

Affection and heart resonance to all ≈

The Full Moon in Capricorn, The Devil, Pluto in Capricorn, the Waning Moon Phase of the Cancer Cycle

Well, I got caught in the Capricorn full moon. That was some fully intense energy from a T-square with some of the biggest and deepest Astrological energies possible.

       As we established in the last post, Cancer is the mother, the nurturer, our home environment, providing us with the opportunity to cultivate emotional security in ourselves. Capricorn is the taskmaster, the authoritarian. Here is where our fears, hard lessons, and karma come into play. A sobering energy that ultimately asks : what the hell are you doing here? But really. Purpose become the operative word. Life work, the mark we leave on this world. Where we fit ourselves into society, which is inevitable.

       Capricorn in the Tarot is ruled by the Devil. I was afraid of this card for a long time before I understood that the Devil is the pathway to freedom (no, I’m not trying to turn you into a Satanist). It is not until we understand our own bondage that we can free ourselves from it. Societal conditioning, family conditioning, educational conditioning, etc are fed to us since we were born. That doesn’t make any of it true. Often, these things can confine us, stifling our own creative ways of thinking and preventing us from living a life outside of our own fears. Fears of what we need to live up to, fears of how to live our lives the “right” way, fears of how to be, what to say –ultimately the fear to be who we truly are. Even entering down that road of exploration comes with its own set of fears. It’s never ending. That is the Capricorn struggle, who to be on the outside. Who to be in the world. We cannot know what our true path is until we understand our fears. When we understand our fears, the cute lil prison we have going for us, we are then able to identify them, recognize them for the false clouds they are, and do what we need to do to cast them away or integrate them. In this process we better understand what our life path is and ultimately come to understand how we can CHOOSE to leave our mark, our legacy, and not be trapped by what our conditioning has told us. Until then, we are in bondage, trying to control an external force that can never be controlled, living up to external expectations that can never be lived up to.

         Cancer is our base, the most private internal area of life where we can feel cozy and centered. When we feel centered we can enter the big bad world and know we have a home to return to no matter what happens out there. We can be our most intimate selves and feel safe. Having this base allows us to climb that Capricorn mountain and carve a place for ourselves in society that only we can build. Solid base, solid build. Simple right? That’s where the full moon comes in and she says “Are you sure you’re really centered though??”, “Um, hi, are you sure this is the path you really want to be on though???”, “I’m just checking, just testing, just making sure.. so i’m going to rock you back and forth a little bit. Promise you’ll grow!” And that’s what she does. Cancer and Capricorn are both inherently about stability. Stability of home and stability of career (or life work, a preferable term I’ll be using from here on). When the full moon in Capricorn comes around, the teeter tottering effect of the full moon energy asks us if our heart is truly into what we are doing. If we are living up to our passions, if we are making the right decisions for us and making proper use of our time. If we are enjoying the process. Issues of the father will come up and ask to be integrated and used as strength. We are left with the breathtaking “What is my purpose? Am I living up to it? Do I have enough emotional strength and fortitude to see it through?” All of the life events that happen to you around this time will be in support of you finding the answer of “Yes”. Karma and Capricorn will never promise this to be an easy process, but who knows, sometimes it is! Sometimes it’s not!! Either way, it’s sobering and will bring you down to earth, make you feel strong and direct you towards a path of fulfillment.

           This full moon fell right on Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is sex, death, rebirth. It is the transformation of the phoenix that destroys itself and rebirths itself into an even stronger entity than what was. Pluto is the shadow, the place we experience trauma in order to enter the underworld, understand why we’re there, bring what we need to back to the surface of the Sun and own it as our own. It is Power. Therefore, this full moon comes along with some sort of trauma or big life change that is needed for necessary growth. With Jupiter in Libra squaring the Moon/Pluto conjunction and the Sun in Cancer, this change will no doubt have to do with other people in partnership. It could be business, it could be personal or romantic, it could even be familial. Either way it will change our approach to our life work. It may not seem it, but whatever has occurred since the full moon and will continue to occur into the waning moon will help get you closer to your true purpose, washing away what no longer serves you and pushing you to focus on what truly matters to your heart and soul. As a bonus, you’ll get to a new level in how to approach your relationships too. That gigantic Jupiter energy is no joke. So the apex of Home, Life Work, and Relationships hath doth been awakened and shall never be the same… until I guess Jupiter moves closer in aspect to Pluto and forms a tighter square in August, but that will be an entirely different narrative. Right now our emotional base is getting worked and this is the most opportune time to understand our truest needs in these areas of life in order to offer the best we can.

              The waning moon will offer you a chance to let go of the emotional, professional, and relationship aspects of your life that are no longer working for you. Give it up to the earth, honor her, for in her slow and methodical chaos she is a great and beautiful teacher. Really, get a plant or go spend some time with trees and flowers – their simple splendor will never fail to remind you of your own truth and direction.

The New and Waxing Phases of the Cancer Moon Cycle: Your Body Is Your Home

As we enter into Cancer season I’m reminded of an acid trip I took around this time a couple of years ago at a beach house with a group of friends. One of our friends pretty much turned into a channel and became a broken record of the same five phrases uttered over and over again as almost a pounding from the spirits saying “get this knowledge in your head and don’t you ever forget it. May you seep with it, sit with it -subconscious suck it up.” and we did. This was still during the Gemini phase though which is about mental processes, collecting information, communication. Cancer allows us time to sit with the knowledge given to us in Gemini and figure out how we feel about it, then take action about it. One of the phrases that especially resonated with me was “you’ve got to clean the house before you can go to the beach”. Now, this seemingly innocuous phrase repeated over and over and over again while a person is centered in a state that only perceives deep meaning allows one to do just that. While my friend was actually physically cleaning the house repeating this, I, in my whacked out fetal position, began to understand the deep truth that this is : You have to clean the house before you can go to the beach.

               Cancer rules the home, the mother, nurturance, our roots. These fundamental rulerships act as the basis for every other aspect of life imaginable. Feng shui is a system of laws that governs spatial arrangement in accordance with energy flow. It is believed that when a person’s home is in order, clean, and aesthetically desirable to one’s specific tastes it effects every other area of life harmoniously. Moving deeper, if we understand that our body is our home -but actually, your body is your home – we start to see that how we have been nurtured and how we continue to nurture ourselves contributes to not only the reflection that is our home but our whole external life. So here we go, the cancer cycle will invariably bring up home issues and mother issues. How do we mother ourselves? Sometimes we have to learn to re-mother/re-parent ourselves to understand what we may have yearned for but missed in terms of nurturance. In this relearning we then know what our emotional needs are and how to fulfill them for ourselves, in effect allowing us to hold space for other’s needs as well. Even further, this brings up lineage – What have our foremothers passed down to us? Even if we can’t know, what does it feel like in our bones? This period will bring up events that will push us to reflect upon our past within our family and roots, the events that have shaped us, allowing us to understand who we are at our present. Digesting these things can give us immense strength and fortitude, an emotional centeredness and security that cannot be easily shaken.

             In Taurus we explore the sensual, carnal pleasures, specifically good food. How to enjoy it in a purely pleasurable sense. Cancer, on the other hand, eats for emotional sustenance. We can find real emotional nurturance in the food we put into our body – whether it’s a super healthy plant based meal or cookie dough like mom used to make that evokes nostalgia. How we feed ourselves, even our intention in eating our food effects our emotions -and Cancer is all about emotional stability. In fact, it relates to everything on an emotional level. This subjectivity made aware helps us to understand that what we choose to consume (in all manners) is driven by our emotions and effects us in a profoundly emotional way.

              Cancer is a time to reflect the resilient, loony, sensitive, and nurturing parts of ourselves. It is a time when we can best learn to truly care for ourselves and therefore others -allowing others to nurture us in healthy ways as well, which is sometimes not so easy. Our emotional security will be tested and made stronger, our roots and upbringing will be given the chance to become understood and integrated. Our home is the prime example of our innards; keep it clean, make it beautiful and special — then the beach is yours.

Witches Cleansing Trick for the Beach : Submerge yourself in the ocean and let the waves completely wash over you 7 times and your energy will be completely cleared. Worship the expanse of the mother salt and thank existence for the chance to be a minuscule slice of energy able to experience it in human form.

Notable planetary patterns : There’s been a fire grand trine between Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, and the North Node in Leo. This configuration is highly creative (with a community to back it up with the South Node in Aquarius) but if you’ve been feeling super horny in the last couple weeks here’s why. Although extremely creative, and provided with discipline by Saturn and genius by Uranus, grand trines are also LAZY. So if you went through or are going through a period of not being able to get some work done, don’t worry. The grand trine energy was/is giving you loads of inspiration while giving you no choice but to chill and enjoy yourself while the summer solstice took over. It’s fading out now so it will be easier to get things done and with an enormous amount of new vision while doing so. ∆

The Phases of the Moon, the Gemini Sun and Lunar Cycle, and the Sagittarius Full Moon

In honor of the waning moon phase that the moon entered yesterday morning I’m publishing a transcript of my talk on Astrology, the phases of the moon and the Full Moon in Sagittarius that happened on Friday June 9th at Magick City for the Remedi Food Dinner Club.


       First we must understand the moon’s 4 phases. Each phase lasts about a week and each one represents a turning point in the cycle of the moon and the sun’s relationship to each other and the earth. We’ll start with the waning moon, the last quarter, the 4th quarter. This is a very internal, introspective period that represents letting go and releasing energy. It is a time of endings but also a time of healing. We are wrapping up the lunation cycle of this time period in order to allow the new phase to come in. It is a time of reflection, to integrate what we’ve learned from this moon cycle and let go what no longer serves us. It is especially helpful to understand this moon phase because the waning moon can often be a time of sadness and difficult feelings – letting go does not always come easy. When we know that this is happening it can make the letting go process easier to navigate and we are more easily able to transmute the energy into one of healing.

      Then we return to the New Moon, the first quarter, when the sun and moon are in the same degree of the same sign. We now welcome and invite in new energy while releasing the old but bringing with us what we learned from the previous cycle. The new moon colors the energy that the entire moon cycle will be about. This is enterprise, a beginning, an initiation. This past new moon was in Gemini. Gemini represents the thinking mind, mental faculties, how one communicates and shares information. The mind becomes the central focus, as well as friendship and the immediate social environment. This entire phase showed us a deeper look into our own mind, especially in terms of how it relates to our social circles and the way we intake information and express ourselves through the word.

      During the waxing moon, the second quarter, we build on what was initiated during the new moon. This is a time where we can actually feel the tangibility of abundance. This is a great time to do money magic for instance because the energy allows for accumulation. This can also be represented by the harvest, when we can reap rewards for our hard work, even if the results seem small. The waxing moon almost wreaks of “remember to count your blessings so you can invite in more”.

     This brings us to the Full Moon, the third quarter, when the sun and moon are in opposing signs. The full moon holds a lot of mystery – if you notice the subtle energy around this time things have a tendency to feel more eerie and strange. It is said the full moon is a time when “the crazies come out”, however, I think we’re all crazy so I personally see it as a time when our own personal crazy is invited to come out – mostly because we are moving from the self-containment of the new moon and waxing moon into a need for outward expression and connection. So, the full moon is a time of relating, of finding balance with what is happening internally with what is happening externally. A way of holding up a mirror to ourselves to figure out subconsciously what we will no longer need when again the waning moon comes and it is time to start over on a whole new ride.


           To understand the Full Moon we must take a look at the Zodiac. The Zodiac is made up of 12 signs. Split into two, that makes a pair of six. This pair of six make up polarities to each other called oppositions. When in balance, these oppositions complete each other. The first six signs make up individual experience, the 7th through 12th signs make up the collective experience. In simple form :

                        ARIES says “I AM”. LIBRA says “WE ARE”.

                        TAURUS says “I HAVE”. SCORPIO says “WE HAVE”.

                        GEMINI says “I THINK”. SAGITTARIUS says “WE THINK”.

                        CANCER says “I FEEL”. CAPRICORN says “WE FEEL”.

                        LEO says “I CREATE”. AQUARIUS says “WE CREATE”.

                        VIRGO says “I SERVE”. PISCES says “WE SERVE”.

             In the most simplistic sense, the full moon is a time for us to balance these opposing energies.


             The full moon holding the “thinking polarity” of Gemini and Sagittarius happened about a week ago. The Sun in Gemini experience has been with us since late May. As mentioned before, during this time we have been dealing with our communicative abilities and our social environment. When Sagittarius comes along we are challenged with the bigger picture, the Universe as a whole, the world, society, what we know and the infinity of what we can never know. Our beliefs about the world may be completely at odds with how we think about our immediate environment. For example, having social beliefs about the world but not living that truth out in our day to day.

             Sagittarius lives outwardly, expansively -gaining higher knowledge is its process. It asks Gemini to open itself up to these realms and integrate it into the here and now. The questions it provokes are : How am I balancing the big picture with the small? How do I fit in with my community and immediate surroundings and how does that compare to the way I think about the world and the Universe? How does what I perceive going on around the world pair with what is going on in my immediate environment? How does my spiritual connection inform my relationships and friendships and vice versa?

             The connections we made during the week of the full moon and continue to make into the waning moon inform these areas and contribute to the necessary mind shifts that are needed to shed ways of thinking or approaching life that no longer serve us. The waning moon holds space for this process of letting go and this time around it is ultimately the perfect time to ascend to a new level of consciousness.


               It is also worth noting that Jupiter in Libra went direct a week ago. Until August this is an invitation into the abundance we can find in connection with others. The ability to get to know ourselves more through getting to know another, harmony in sharing time and interests, starting or deepening partnerships whether it be business, romantic, or platonic. The Venusian energy of Libra can also allow us to embrace our beauty, truly being able to recognize it both inwardly and outwardly. The scales of justice are also called into play allowing us to understand our own visions of utopia, and along with the concreteness of Saturn in Sagittarius, we will be aided in understanding how we can cultivate these ideas into our lives.

                The Summer Solstice, when the Sun enters Cancer and we begin the summer season, will be on Wednesday June 21st at 12:24 AM. The Cancer new moon will be on Friday June 23rd at 10:31 PM. ∞