Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, Waning Moon

This full moon eclipse is one of Ascension, there’s really no other way to put it. The tools by which you will get there will be through the people you surround yourself with who will act as the mirrors by which you can choose to receive or not to receive! The dance will be much easier in a state of surrender and reception though.

         Leo has taught us about the playful, creative sides of where we’re at. The side that says “look at me, look at me!” with warm fuzzy feelings and pride. Aquarius has come along to look at you, into your eyes and invites you to look back into them deep enough to see your own staring back at you. As they say, the eyes are a window to the soul, don’t be afraid to look into it.

         Here, the strong individualism of Leo meets radical integration and community in Aquarius, the body that teaches us that we are all here creating this world together (often the lesson Aquarius must learn or already embodies and teaches even unwittingly). Here in the Aquarian Age (yes, we’ve arrived, congrats), this is the lesson we are learning most of all: We are all co-creators. Within that is only chaos and different vantage points that must fall where they may naturally to provide a sense of fleeting order until chaos comes again and makes a way for new order and so on and so forth. There is order within chaos and vice versa is what I’m trying to say, and Aquarius is the living breathing organism that uses that ebb and flow to provide new levels of consciousness to each and all. Take it or don’t, Aquarius won’t make you do anything. You are only left with your own devices and your own choices to come back to. Don’t take yourself too personally, detachment is a promise on the way to meet the Wizard of your own mind. Follow the yellow brick rainbow and enjoy the companions you meet along the way. They are showing yourself to you and you to them.

         Aquarius rules tribes, the internet, eccentricity, radicalism, community, technology, telepathy, telekinesis. It tempers the Leo passion and uses it to focus on something bigger than itself. An ode to humanity just because it wants to see harmony. Cus harmony’s nice and it really couldn’t hurt for us all just to enjoy life right? What may seem radical, or different or weird could be a witnessing of some shackles breaking, or maybe the genius unveiling a bizarre seeming way of getting to the next level of who knows what. But it’s happening so you might as well just accept it and see what it can show you.

        Go out and be with people who you care about and who care about you. It’s infinite what we can show each other.


The Lunar eclipse enhances all of this, it is a strange energy, a magnetic force that will pull from you the complexes that have kept you from truly connecting with others and your community in the past. It is literally like a hoover and will get more intense as the waning moon comes in order to prepare us for the gigantic energy of the Solar eclipse on the 21st, where we will have the opportunity to feel completely replenished in our source/essence of self, creativity, and sexuality. Very exciting time, enjoy yourself ≈

****PS The upcoming Pluto piece is still forming. Pluto as a rule takes its time while it gurgles in the depths and erupts without warning so sometimes all you can do is give it up to divine timing. Unlike Aquarius/Uranus which is lightning and comes in a flash and leaves just as quick (as an example, it took me 20 mins to write this piece with Aquarius in mind having absolutely no idea of what it would be beforehand).