New and Waxing Phases of the Leo Moon Cycle, Jupiter square Pluto

Welcome to Leo where drama is high and matters of the heart are of prime importance. This Leo season we’ll have ample opportunity to explore our own inner authority based on our intuition and heart center. We’ll be able to manifest creative endeavors more easily or just start manifesting the ways in which we want to live our lives. Intuition will be heightened and our aptitude for romance enhanced.

           Leo, as we know, is the Lion, the king of the jungle. If you’ve ever seen a lion with its pride then you know they are cuddly, caring creatures with great affection who can act in the exact opposite of ways when threatened. This comes from a place of protection more than anything else as the lion seeks to protect its heart or anything living in or close to its heart. Here we see in clarity the authority of the Leo. There are other signs associated with authority. There is Capricorn authority which acts as the taskmaster, upholding tradition or making sure discipline reigns – Capricorns, when in their element, are the hardest of workers, building mountains  and becoming the best at whatever they do through sheer unending practice. There is Aries authority.. which isn’t really authority, Aries is more about dominance – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Aries follows their own will and truth, they are spurred by anger and will attack when roused. Leo is similar but there are differences. The Leo will forever be ruled by its heart, it is what the lion follows, it is what the lion believes, it is what gives the lion strength and valor, it is how the lion became king.

           Astrologers often don’t mention how intuitive fire signs are – they are the most intuitive. Water signs may be emotional and very psychic, but these often act as impressions. Fire signs know things. Especially the Leo (whether they choose to follow and trust their intuition is a personal matter however). The Leo’s intuition lays right in their heart, and as the heart pretty much runs the show in what we call the human body it’s easy to see why Leos often get a similar reputation. And that is the Leo authority. It’s not about power for power’s sake (though damn they love a good ego stroke), it’s about staying true to their heart. Nothing is more powerful than that. When we see a person aligned in that form we feel it. When we are aligned in that form we feel strong. This is what the Leo moon cycle is about first and foremost, finding our inner authority through our heart, trusting our heart, following it and developing acute intuition in the process.

                  Creativity, fun, romance, mm so nice. Now’s the time for that!!! Creativity is fun, why not make it romantic? Romance is creative, why not make it fun? Fun is romantic, why not make it creative? A smooth, equal blending of the three is a challenge, but will actually make the challenge of each one on its own easier. Creativity, the energy of birthing life into form. This can be anything from creating a baby to a painting to our actual lives. Fun is something many don’t really allow themselves to have too often. Romance..also something that can be elusive and sometimes even uncomfortable for a lot of people. Leo demands all three though. All three together, at the same time, because in its heart it is what is true. It’s not too bad when the stars align and demand that you bring some fun, romance and creativity into your life. Stay open.


Let’s talk political for a minute!! It is very important to note that the square between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn has gotten tighter. As I mentioned in the last post, Pluto is about regeneration and transformation, Capricorn rules tradition, power structures, oppression, etc. Within its oppression is the journey towards freedom though.

      Understanding that Jupiter makes everything it touches gigantic and that it is in Libra, the sign of social justice, we are now seeing an extreme and growing friction between the people and the powers that reign. As pluto progresses through Capricorn these old paradigms are going to shift DRAMATICALLY. It is uncomfortable, it is enraging, it is heartbreaking and raw, but that’s what it’s supposed to be. Pluto is designed to destroy so that a new, better, and wiser version may rise from the destroyed’s ashes. And so shall it be or better.

I will be writing a fully comprehensive piece on Pluto and its powerful effect as social upheaval in the next week.

Affection and heart resonance to all ≈


The Full Moon in Capricorn, The Devil, Pluto in Capricorn, the Waning Moon Phase of the Cancer Cycle

Well, I got caught in the Capricorn full moon. That was some fully intense energy from a T-square with some of the biggest and deepest Astrological energies possible.

       As we established in the last post, Cancer is the mother, the nurturer, our home environment, providing us with the opportunity to cultivate emotional security in ourselves. Capricorn is the taskmaster, the authoritarian. Here is where our fears, hard lessons, and karma come into play. A sobering energy that ultimately asks : what the hell are you doing here? But really. Purpose become the operative word. Life work, the mark we leave on this world. Where we fit ourselves into society, which is inevitable.

       Capricorn in the Tarot is ruled by the Devil. I was afraid of this card for a long time before I understood that the Devil is the pathway to freedom (no, I’m not trying to turn you into a Satanist). It is not until we understand our own bondage that we can free ourselves from it. Societal conditioning, family conditioning, educational conditioning, etc are fed to us since we were born. That doesn’t make any of it true. Often, these things can confine us, stifling our own creative ways of thinking and preventing us from living a life outside of our own fears. Fears of what we need to live up to, fears of how to live our lives the “right” way, fears of how to be, what to say –ultimately the fear to be who we truly are. Even entering down that road of exploration comes with its own set of fears. It’s never ending. That is the Capricorn struggle, who to be on the outside. Who to be in the world. We cannot know what our true path is until we understand our fears. When we understand our fears, the cute lil prison we have going for us, we are then able to identify them, recognize them for the false clouds they are, and do what we need to do to cast them away or integrate them. In this process we better understand what our life path is and ultimately come to understand how we can CHOOSE to leave our mark, our legacy, and not be trapped by what our conditioning has told us. Until then, we are in bondage, trying to control an external force that can never be controlled, living up to external expectations that can never be lived up to.

         Cancer is our base, the most private internal area of life where we can feel cozy and centered. When we feel centered we can enter the big bad world and know we have a home to return to no matter what happens out there. We can be our most intimate selves and feel safe. Having this base allows us to climb that Capricorn mountain and carve a place for ourselves in society that only we can build. Solid base, solid build. Simple right? That’s where the full moon comes in and she says “Are you sure you’re really centered though??”, “Um, hi, are you sure this is the path you really want to be on though???”, “I’m just checking, just testing, just making sure.. so i’m going to rock you back and forth a little bit. Promise you’ll grow!” And that’s what she does. Cancer and Capricorn are both inherently about stability. Stability of home and stability of career (or life work, a preferable term I’ll be using from here on). When the full moon in Capricorn comes around, the teeter tottering effect of the full moon energy asks us if our heart is truly into what we are doing. If we are living up to our passions, if we are making the right decisions for us and making proper use of our time. If we are enjoying the process. Issues of the father will come up and ask to be integrated and used as strength. We are left with the breathtaking “What is my purpose? Am I living up to it? Do I have enough emotional strength and fortitude to see it through?” All of the life events that happen to you around this time will be in support of you finding the answer of “Yes”. Karma and Capricorn will never promise this to be an easy process, but who knows, sometimes it is! Sometimes it’s not!! Either way, it’s sobering and will bring you down to earth, make you feel strong and direct you towards a path of fulfillment.

           This full moon fell right on Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is sex, death, rebirth. It is the transformation of the phoenix that destroys itself and rebirths itself into an even stronger entity than what was. Pluto is the shadow, the place we experience trauma in order to enter the underworld, understand why we’re there, bring what we need to back to the surface of the Sun and own it as our own. It is Power. Therefore, this full moon comes along with some sort of trauma or big life change that is needed for necessary growth. With Jupiter in Libra squaring the Moon/Pluto conjunction and the Sun in Cancer, this change will no doubt have to do with other people in partnership. It could be business, it could be personal or romantic, it could even be familial. Either way it will change our approach to our life work. It may not seem it, but whatever has occurred since the full moon and will continue to occur into the waning moon will help get you closer to your true purpose, washing away what no longer serves you and pushing you to focus on what truly matters to your heart and soul. As a bonus, you’ll get to a new level in how to approach your relationships too. That gigantic Jupiter energy is no joke. So the apex of Home, Life Work, and Relationships hath doth been awakened and shall never be the same… until I guess Jupiter moves closer in aspect to Pluto and forms a tighter square in August, but that will be an entirely different narrative. Right now our emotional base is getting worked and this is the most opportune time to understand our truest needs in these areas of life in order to offer the best we can.

              The waning moon will offer you a chance to let go of the emotional, professional, and relationship aspects of your life that are no longer working for you. Give it up to the earth, honor her, for in her slow and methodical chaos she is a great and beautiful teacher. Really, get a plant or go spend some time with trees and flowers – their simple splendor will never fail to remind you of your own truth and direction.