The New and Waxing Phases of the Cancer Moon Cycle: Your Body Is Your Home

As we enter into Cancer season I’m reminded of an acid trip I took around this time a couple of years ago at a beach house with a group of friends. One of our friends pretty much turned into a channel and became a broken record of the same five phrases uttered over and over again as almost a pounding from the spirits saying “get this knowledge in your head and don’t you ever forget it. May you seep with it, sit with it -subconscious suck it up.” and we did. This was still during the Gemini phase though which is about mental processes, collecting information, communication. Cancer allows us time to sit with the knowledge given to us in Gemini and figure out how we feel about it, then take action about it. One of the phrases that especially resonated with me was “you’ve got to clean the house before you can go to the beach”. Now, this seemingly innocuous phrase repeated over and over and over again while a person is centered in a state that only perceives deep meaning allows one to do just that. While my friend was actually physically cleaning the house repeating this, I, in my whacked out fetal position, began to understand the deep truth that this is : You have to clean the house before you can go to the beach.

               Cancer rules the home, the mother, nurturance, our roots. These fundamental rulerships act as the basis for every other aspect of life imaginable. Feng shui is a system of laws that governs spatial arrangement in accordance with energy flow. It is believed that when a person’s home is in order, clean, and aesthetically desirable to one’s specific tastes it effects every other area of life harmoniously. Moving deeper, if we understand that our body is our home -but actually, your body is your home – we start to see that how we have been nurtured and how we continue to nurture ourselves contributes to not only the reflection that is our home but our whole external life. So here we go, the cancer cycle will invariably bring up home issues and mother issues. How do we mother ourselves? Sometimes we have to learn to re-mother/re-parent ourselves to understand what we may have yearned for but missed in terms of nurturance. In this relearning we then know what our emotional needs are and how to fulfill them for ourselves, in effect allowing us to hold space for other’s needs as well. Even further, this brings up lineage – What have our foremothers passed down to us? Even if we can’t know, what does it feel like in our bones? This period will bring up events that will push us to reflect upon our past within our family and roots, the events that have shaped us, allowing us to understand who we are at our present. Digesting these things can give us immense strength and fortitude, an emotional centeredness and security that cannot be easily shaken.

             In Taurus we explore the sensual, carnal pleasures, specifically good food. How to enjoy it in a purely pleasurable sense. Cancer, on the other hand, eats for emotional sustenance. We can find real emotional nurturance in the food we put into our body – whether it’s a super healthy plant based meal or cookie dough like mom used to make that evokes nostalgia. How we feed ourselves, even our intention in eating our food effects our emotions -and Cancer is all about emotional stability. In fact, it relates to everything on an emotional level. This subjectivity made aware helps us to understand that what we choose to consume (in all manners) is driven by our emotions and effects us in a profoundly emotional way.

              Cancer is a time to reflect the resilient, loony, sensitive, and nurturing parts of ourselves. It is a time when we can best learn to truly care for ourselves and therefore others -allowing others to nurture us in healthy ways as well, which is sometimes not so easy. Our emotional security will be tested and made stronger, our roots and upbringing will be given the chance to become understood and integrated. Our home is the prime example of our innards; keep it clean, make it beautiful and special — then the beach is yours.

Witches Cleansing Trick for the Beach : Submerge yourself in the ocean and let the waves completely wash over you 7 times and your energy will be completely cleared. Worship the expanse of the mother salt and thank existence for the chance to be a minuscule slice of energy able to experience it in human form.

Notable planetary patterns : There’s been a fire grand trine between Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, and the North Node in Leo. This configuration is highly creative (with a community to back it up with the South Node in Aquarius) but if you’ve been feeling super horny in the last couple weeks here’s why. Although extremely creative, and provided with discipline by Saturn and genius by Uranus, grand trines are also LAZY. So if you went through or are going through a period of not being able to get some work done, don’t worry. The grand trine energy was/is giving you loads of inspiration while giving you no choice but to chill and enjoy yourself while the summer solstice took over. It’s fading out now so it will be easier to get things done and with an enormous amount of new vision while doing so. ∆


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